Stall spaces will be available to groups and organisations interested in promoting the good actions which you take to support the LGBTQ+ community and its members, Stall spaces and tables will vary in size and availability.
If you require a specific size or space please ensure this is included below and we will work with you to acomodate your request.
Does it cost to participate in the Pride Hub?
We always have and always will strongly support the idea that cost should never be a barrier to Pride and by having the charges below it ensures that all members of the LGBTQ+ community have access to enjoy and participate in the march and any associated events by ensuring that pride remains financially accessible for all,
There are however costs in organising larger scale events including marches/parades/processions/entertainment/pride hub’s and although these may seem minimal, we do not receive any public or government funding for running these events. By charging larger and commercial organisations with a budget capacity, it allows us to generate additional income to offer additional activities, ensure ongoing delivery for future years and create support for those impacted by challenges when needed and available,
Prices below are negotiable and are in relation to mixed/targeted zone areas =
Large business £700
Small business £350
Charity £100
Community Group (non LGBTQ+) £50
LGBTQ+ community group £Free of Charge
Options for retail stalls need to be considered in terms of what is being offered, this which can either include a pitch fee or open to a possible profit share.
Set up
There will be an opportunity for you to set up your table on the afternoon of Friday the 19th of July or on the morning of Saturday the 20th of July.
We will work closely with all partner agencies, the University of Strathclyde and Strathclyde Students Union to ensure that the right decisions are made to have a fantastic experience for everyone attending the Pride Hub while remaining safe and enjoyable.
By submitting a registration form you are also agreeing to the terms and costs above. The organising committee confirm that we will provide updates through our social media channels and